The Telegraph thinks so:

‘History lessons should be compulsory’

History should be a compulsory subject up to GCSE because too many pupils leave school lacking a proper understanding of the past, warns a Government adviser.

And it’s willing to get nasty to make a point:

Steven Mastin said Britain was currently one of the few European countries – alongside Albania – to allow pupils to drop history before the end of school.

Apparently, it’s all going to hell in a hand basket:

Just 30 per cent of 16-year-olds now take GCSEs in the subject and overall take-up has dropped by around a fifth since the late 90s.

I tend to agree that history lessons should be compulsory. Not only because an understanding of one’s past is good for the soul–but because the ability to read, write, manage large quantities of information, scrutinize sources, blend primary & secondary material, and articulate a concise argument is helpful in many a’ field.

Then again, I think biology should be compulsory too. And physics. And literature. And music. And statistics.

But wait! If our children don’t specialize then CHINESE CHILDREN WILL SEIZE THE DAY.


Interestingly, the our-kids-don’t-know-history story is Telegraph pet: